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Recognizing that an estimated million people walk through Rockefeller Center every year, current co-owners continue to strive to revive John D. Rockefeller’s original visions for the complex as much as possible.

Jerry I. Speyer, Chairman and CEO, proved to follow through when he said that his company wanted to make it possible for “New Yorkers and visitors to appreciate and experience major pieces of art in a public forum.” Now Rockefeller Center’s annual art unveiling is a highly anticipated New York City tradition. From great 20th century sculptor, Louise Bourgeouis’ bronze Spiders spectacle, to Agnes Winter’s Monument to Smile exhibition, to Takashi Murakami’s Reverse Double Helix display, the 2000’s have been filled with innovative and inspirational masterpieces.

Also kept alive is Rockefeller’s humanitarian spirit. In 2008, a “penny harvest” collected over 100 million pennies to be donated to community grants and service projects throughout the city. And in effort to contribute to a healthier environment, the complex has installed 363 solar panels and is planning a green roof on top of Radio City Music Hall.

With even more exciting developments including the reopening of the Observation Deck, now known as Top of the Rock, so much has already happened during this decade and so much is yet to come.

Discover more year-to-year details about Rockefeller Center in the 2000’s here:

2000: Tishman Speyer takes full control of what CEO Jerry Speyer calls “a singular real estate asset that has transcended time.” The vacancy rate is now less than 1%.
2008: Rockefeller Center celebrates its 75th anniversary.