La Maison du Chocolat

30 Rockefeller Plaza
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  • Hours:

    • Sunday: Noon–6PM
    • Monday–Friday: 9:30AM–7PM
    • Saturday: 10AM–7PM

    La Maison du Chocolat, with over thirty years of expertise and ever evolving creativity, invites you to share its passion for chocolate. We are defined by sophistication and ingenuity, with an inspired vision for the art of the ganache. With timeless pralines and ganaches, fruited chocolates, and exotic flavors, you will discover exceptional temptations. Our chocolatiers create products with complete expertise and a sense of perfection, using research and tradition in perfect harmony. The remarkable quality of our ingredients and gifted craftsmanship is what makes our chocolates truly shine. Let us guide you to indulge yourself in our various chocolate assortments, truffles, pastries, and holiday collections.

    Coffee, tea, and pastries to go! The boutique is now offering delicious espresso drinks, tea and pastries to take away. Come and enjoy a soothing cafe au lait, cappuccino, or an aromatic americano. Now offering citron lemon zest and chocolate cakes in wonderful combinations with these drinks. The melange is a refreshing melodic tea with a hint of orange that will wake up your senses and help your spring days blossom with flavor! Take a chocolate break and visit for these special treats!

    • A Deal You’ll Dig Into

      The New Year may bring its fair share of resolutions, but for La Maison du Chocolat at Rockefeller Center, it’s all about the rewards. If you’re a Privilege Program card holder, swing by the store anytime during the month of January to enjoy 10% off your final purchase. Simply show your card at checkout to indulge in delicious savings!*

      *Must show Rockefeller Center Privilege Program card at purchase.

      Wonderfully Worth It
      There’s no better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year than with a delicious box of chocolates. Starting at just $59, the Flourish gift box from La Maison du Chocolat at Rockefeller Center honors the Year of the Dog with scrumptious sweets for the whole family. Swing by anytime after Wednesday, January 24, to bring one home before they’re gone!*