1250 Avenue of the Americas
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    • Sunday: 11AM–6PM
    • Monday–Friday: 8AM–8PM
    • Saturday: 10AM–8PM

    Slip into a pair of Aerosoles and watch what happens. There is more spring in your step, more color in your live, simply stated more comfort.

    With over 25 years of experience creating shoes, we are passionate about our product and our core values remain the same: comfort, technology, and innovation. Aerosoles shoes are engineered for maximum comfort and flexibility. As an industry leader in innovation, our commitment is to exceed expectations by challenging ourselves to keep evolving our technology.

    We are constantly striving to make a better product and this has created a loyal following of real women who want real comfort for real life. The comfort once only found in casual shoes can now be found in everything from dress pumps to boots to sandals. After all, they’re not just shoes…they’re Aerosoles.