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What Type of Chocolate Are You?

By Suzan Colón Feb 5 2021
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Say the word “chocolate” and almost everyone will generally respond with, “Yes, please!” But true chocolate lovers know that for every type of chocolate, there’s a personality to match.

As kids, we thought chocolate of any kind had one flavor: amazing. As adults, we can savor a wide variety of taste essences in chocolate. Dark chocolate is strong in flavor, with a bitter, acidic edge. It’s not too sweet, but it leaves an indelible impression. You’ll taste sharp, even smoky flavors. White chocolate is the sweetest, creamiest, and in some ways the most unusual, with strong vanilla notes and a very smooth texture. The most popular, milk chocolate, is in the middle of the sweetness spectrum between dark and white. It’s the most versatile and familiar member of the chocolate family. “There are also smooth and silky dairy tones,” says Rolando Ramos, COO and head of the International Department of Teuscher Chocolates, which offers pick-up and delivery from its Rockefeller Center location in the Channel Gardens.

So, knowing those flavor notes, what type of chocolate are you—and the chocolate lovers you want to buy for on Valentine’s Day? Follow this guide to find your perfect confection.

If you love spicy food…

Start with dark chocolates, which are better suited to palates that enjoy the challenge and excitement of spices. Next, look for additions of chilis, pepper, herbs, and spices. “Those blend well with dark chocolate,” Ramos says. “The chocolate drink the Mayans and Aztecs consumed had added spices and chilis, so our sweet chili and pink pepper bars are not a novelty, but part of chocolate history.”

If you love red wine…

Try a variety of “percentage” dark chocolates. The amount of pure cacao in dark chocolate mixtures determines the level of strength, bitterness, and acidity—flavor qualities also found in red wines. “Those notes complement the tannins in red wine,” Ramos says. What to look for: high percentages of cacao, and little to no sugar or cream added. The less sugar sweetening the deal, the stronger the pure cacao flavor.

If you’re more of a blended coffee fan than a cold-brew person…

Lovers of the smooth, satisfying sensations that come with milky, creamy beverages and foods will be naturally drawn to white chocolate. This variation on chocolate has the highest amount of cream and sugar added, giving it a silky mouthfeel and an indulgently fun sweetness. Try a variety of white chocolate bars with different flavor additions for your tasting menu. Ramos also suggests white chocolate truffles, which have different ultra-rich, flavored cream fillings enrobed in white chocolate.

Ultimately, whether you choose truffles from Teuscher Chocolates or nearby La Maison du Chocolat, chocolate is a (delicious) way to communicate affection. As cartoonist Charles Schulz once said, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”

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