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Art in Focus Spotlight: Lisa Congdon, Fine Artist and Illustrator

Dec 1 2021
The artist’s signature cheerful style and love of Christmas bring an extra dose of festivities to the holidays at Rockefeller Center.
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What to Do in New York City in December 2021

From annual traditions to exciting performances to the brightest lights in the city, there’s much to do and see in the five boroughs in December.

Nov 29 2021

Arts & Culture

A Thank You Note to New York City

A New York writer gives thanks for all of the things, big and small, that make up this marvelous city we call home.

Nov 23 2021

Food & Drinks

Making the Ultimate Dessert Charcuterie Board with Raaka Chocolate

A charcuterie board doesn’t have to just include cheese and meat. Raaka adds some sweet bites to entertaining this season.

Nov 19 2021


Gifts For Your Favorite New Yorker

Not sure what to get the New Yorker in your life? This gift guide will tell you exactly what you should give them this year.

Nov 17 2021

Arts & Culture

Meet the Man Who Has Picked the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree for Three Decades

Erik Pauze, the head gardener for Rockefeller Center and the man behind the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, gives the inside scoop on bringing holiday magic to 30 Rock.

Nov 12 2021

Arts & Culture

Your Guide to Ice Skating at The Rink at Rockefeller Center

The official Mayor of Rockefeller Center, Correll Jones, gives us the inside scoop on ice skating at The Rink.

Nov 5 2021


What to Do in New York City in November 2021

Whether you want to get a jump-start on the holidays or just enjoy the penultimate month of the year, there are plenty of NYC activities to choose from.

Oct 27 2021

Arts & Culture

How This Copy of Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ Became Worth $1.17 Million

A first edition of Frankenstein, a monumental Christie’s sale, and the enduring story of one of history’s most famous authors.

Oct 26 2021


After 60 Years, Mexico Week Returns to Rockefeller Center

In honor of Día de Muertos and Mexico’s 200th year of independence, Rockefeller Center partnered with the Consulate General of Mexico in New York and the Mexican Cultural Institute to bring Mexican heritage and culture to the heart of Manhattan.

Oct 25 2021


Behind the Scenes with Markarian’s Founder and Designer, Alexandra O'Neill

Meet the designer behind Markarian, the womenswear brand that has been seen everywhere from the 59th presidential inauguration to our very own Rainbow Room.

Oct 13 2021


An Expert’s Guide to the Fit, Fabrics, and Importance of a Custom Suit

Nikko Lencek-Inagaki, the design and production manager at Freemans Sporting Club, on what you need to know the next time you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind suit.

Oct 11 2021


Diamonds Through the Decades: The History of Tiffany & Co’s Jewelry Evolution

In honor of Breakfast at Tiffany’s 60th anniversary, we’re looking back at how the iconic New York City brand has maintained its glamour and charm over the years.

Oct 5 2021


What New Yorkers Should Expect From Back-to-Office Styles This Fall

New York City reigns as one of the fashion capitals of the world, and it’s here in the center of it all where you can find endless inspiration for workwear this season.

Sep 28 2021


What to Do in New York City in October 2021

Get outside before the colder weather hits and enjoy fall foliage, the return of the Metropolitan Opera, and more.

Sep 28 2021

Arts & Culture

Radio Park, an Idyllic Rooftop Garden, Opens Above Radio City Music Hall

On the roof of Radio City Music Hall sits Radio Park, a series of idyllic, interconnected gardens that sprung to life from Rockefeller Center’s original vision of a rooftop park.

Sep 15 2021

Food & Drinks

The Secret Behind Fuku’s Chicken Sandwich — Now Available at Rockefeller Center

Here’s everything you need to know about Fuku’s Rockefeller Center location (and the secret to its famous chicken sandwich).

Sep 8 2021

Arts & Culture

Art in Focus Spotlight: Maurice Harris, Founder of Bloom & Plume

The artist’s dedication to floral beauty and showcasing Black joy and excellence comes to Rockefeller Center — in the form of a lush, maximalist garden of portrait photography.

Sep 7 2021


What to Do in New York City in September 2021

Welcome to our new series, where we feature a curated list of the best things to do in New York City this month — from sports to music to the culinary events you don’t want to miss.

Aug 31 2021

Arts & Culture

Artist KAWS Brings an 18-Foot-Tall Sculpture to the Plaza

This New York-based artist is known worldwide for his collection of familiar, toy-like characters. Now on view on Center Plaza, SHARE features two of his most popular creatures.

Aug 25 2021

Arts & Culture

From Newsstand Studios at Rockefeller Center: Radio Cherry Bombe

Kerry Diamond, Cherry Bombe founder and host of the Radio Cherry Bombe podcast, talks about celebrating women in the food industry.

Aug 17 2021

Food & Drinks

8 Pro Tips for Perfecting Your Favorite Cookie Recipe at Home

Andrea Prunella, the executive pastry chef at Chip City, shares her secrets for getting that perfect chewy (or crispy) goodness at home.

Aug 11 2021


Girl Knew York Goes Beyond Tattoos at Art Pop-Up Shop

Mira Mariah, the tattoo artist behind Girl Knew York, brings a unique celebration of beauty & inclusion to Rockefeller Center this August.

Aug 5 2021

Arts & Culture

Just Look Up: Skygazing Viewpoints at Rockefeller Center

Slowing down and gazing up at the peaks of the cityscape is a sometimes overlooked source of discovery.

Jul 30 2021

Arts & Culture

Art in Focus Spotlight: Hilary Pecis

This Los Angeles–based painter’s exhibition features sunny, color-drenched still-life and landscape murals throughout the campus, plus three mixed-media works.

Jul 7 2021


American Ballet Theatre’s Homecoming to Rockefeller Center

ABT Across America, a live ballet tour with a touch of rock-&-roll road-trip spirit, concludes with a finale at Rockefeller Center, where the company got its start in 1940.

Jul 6 2021


Everything Is Awesome at LEGO

The new two-story retail experience features large-scale models built with LEGO bricks and interactive experiences for kids and adults.

Jul 2 2021


Love Is Love All Ways, Always

The winners of the Love Above All Weddings experience said “I do” at Rockefeller Center on June 26 during Pride weekend in New York City.

Jun 28 2021


The Class Takes Working Out to New Heights

Taryn Toomey’s The Class was already an experience—the Top of the Rock location brings it 70 stories up.

Jun 24 2021


Rockefeller Center Celebrates Pride

From the Plaza to the Concourse, the community is celebrating Pride with special art installations and products benefiting a variety of worthy causes.

Jun 17 2021

Arts & Culture

From Newsstand Studios at Rockefeller Center: Cooking Issues

Podcast hosts Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez on “technical cooking,” food science, and moving their show to Midtown.

Jun 15 2021


Rough Trade Is Bringing Counter-Culture to Midtown

After closing its Williamsburg outpost earlier this year, the renowned British record shop has reopened at Rockefeller Center—defying convention in the process.

Jun 9 2021

Arts & Culture

How Would You Spend a Day with Dad?

We asked the Rockefeller Center community to share a perfect Father’s Day itinerary.

Jun 4 2021

Food & Drinks

How to Buy Wine: A Beginner’s Guide

Tips for finding that perfect bottle or glass, with guidance from Morrell & Company and City Winery.

May 27 2021

Arts & Culture

Discover Hidden Gems of Rockefeller Center with Gesso

Even lifelong New Yorkers will learn something in this new free audio walking tour of Rockefeller Center.

May 18 2021

Food & Drinks

Lunch on Flavors from Around the World

Celebrate the diversity of New York’s food culture with a meal of Jamaican jerk chicken, Taiwanese bubble tea, Colombian arepas, and more.

May 14 2021

Arts & Culture

From Newsstand Studios at Rockefeller Center: Don’t Tease the Animals

Pamela Riley and Sarah Armstrong-Brown—the creators of the “casual comedy podcast”—talk about the show’s games, conspiracy theories, and more.

May 10 2021

Arts & Culture

Sanford Biggers Opens Multimedia Installation at Rockefeller Center

The conceptual artist’s multilayered exhibition includes sculpture, flags, sound, and more throughout the campus.

May 5 2021


Gifts That Aren’t Flowers (Again)

Retail experts from Daniel Wellington, Jill Lindsey, and Kate Spade New York offer ideas for Mother’s Day gifting.

May 1 2021

Arts & Culture

Merge with Nature in Tin&Ed’s Digital Dioramas

Digitally step into the natural world with a series of interactive digital dioramas by the New York–based artists & creative technologists.

Apr 27 2021

Arts & Culture

A Channel Gardens #TBT

A look back in time at some memorable moments in the Channel Gardens.

Apr 22 2021

Arts & Culture

A Word From Prometheus

A year after the unveiling of #NewYorkTough on the Rink, a trusted mainstay at Rockefeller Center shares some lessons for returning to city life.

Apr 20 2021

Arts & Culture

A Private Pool Club Has Arrived

Sharks Pool Club brings a contactless, highly curated version of the game to 30 Rockefeller Center.

Apr 14 2021

Arts & Culture

From Newsstand Studios at Rockefeller Center: Sundays at Café Tabac

Hosts Wanda Acosta and Karen Song of the “Sundays at Café Tabac” podcast discuss the project, the original Sundays at Café Tabac, and recording in Newsstand Studios at Rockefeller Center.

Apr 5 2021


The Spirit of New York Is Flying High at Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center collaborated with the Aperture Foundation for its second-annual Flag Project, which showcases 83 photographs of New York City.

Mar 29 2021

Food & Drinks

Samesa Calls 30 Rock Home

The Sussman brothers are bringing their Middle Eastern–inspired restaurant concept to Manhattan.

Mar 22 2021

Arts & Culture

Into the Rewilding of Rockefeller Center

Landscape architect Julia Watson and horticulturist and landscape architect Marie Salembier—the duo behind Watson Salembier—on the inspiration for the firm’s Rockefeller Center projects, current and future.

Mar 16 2021

Arts & Culture

Celebrating the Women of Rockefeller Center on International Women’s Day

Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, Elizabeth Elting, Munira Hirji, and Lydia Fenet—just a few of the accomplished women of Rockefeller Center—on championing women in the workplace.

Mar 8 2021


The Pantone Fashion Report

As a long, sweatpants-filled winter makes way for spring, take inspiration from the colors of the year in this season’s wardrobe with tips from Free People and Steven Alan experts.

Mar 5 2021

Arts & Culture

Christie’s Hosts Its Very-First Auction of Digital Art

For the first time in the auction house’s history, Christie’s makes its digital art—and digital currency—debut with an auction of work by Mike Winkelmann (commonly known as Beeple).

Feb 25 2021

Arts & Culture

Meet the Mayor of Rockefeller Center

CJ has welcomed visitors to the iconic place for nearly two decades—and is still smiling about it.

Feb 23 2021

Arts & Culture

The Story Behind Tom Friedman’s Silver Figure

Artist Tom Friedman has installed a 10-foot-tall figure in the Channel Gardens—the latest in his “Looking Up” series.

Feb 17 2021


Dear New York: We Love You

This month, Rockefeller Center is celebrating love in all its many forms, from romantic affection to love for community. One local jeweler has even taken it a step further, and created a piece honoring one industry that’s particularly in need of love.

Feb 11 2021

Food & Drinks

What Type of Chocolate Are You?

With help from Teuscher Chocolates, find your perfect match.

Feb 5 2021

Food & Drinks

Going on a FIELDTRIP

Driven, community-focused, and featuring an array of global flavors, Harlem’s FIELDTRIP is the latest addition to the concourse at Rockefeller Center.

Feb 3 2021

Arts & Culture

Art in Focus Spotlight: Hiba Schahbaz

For the first installation in the 2021 Art in Focus series, the Brooklyn artist developed works reflecting on present-day life in New York City as well as the natural world.

Jan 29 2021

Food & Drinks

The Sandwich, Dissected

The New York City sandwich is an art form. The experts at Alidoro explain how you can create the perfect Italian sub, at home.

Jan 25 2021

Food & Drinks

Shake Up These Mocktails

Try one of these ideas for a special booze-free beverage from Rainbow Room’s executive chef Mathew Woolf.

Jan 19 2021

Food & Drinks

Think About the Pasta-bilities

Chef Missy Robbins offers tips to make your pasta dishes pop, from ingredients you might never have heard of to down-to-earth substitutes for when you’re out of, say, fresh garlic.

Jan 13 2021


New Year, New Connections

Brooklyn community icon Jill Lindsey offers tips for refreshing your home in 2021.

Jan 6 2021

Food & Drinks

Sweets Make the Sweetest Gifts

As we embrace the 2020 holidays, we’re all craving treats. And with so many desserts available, selecting a gift sweet-spot is part of the fun.

Dec 22 2020


Bring the Holiday Spirit to Your Living Room

Fans of Rock Center Christmas are finding ways to connect to the Plaza from afar.

Dec 16 2020


The (Virtual) Lighting Before Christmas

Winter in New York is different this year, but the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will still light up Midtown—and your living room.

Dec 1 2020

Arts & Culture

Why We Skate

Ice skating has brought New Yorkers together for decades, even in tough times. The opening of Rockefeller Center’s iconic skating rink is proof that fortunately, some things never change.

Nov 27 2020


Seasonal Pop-Up Shops Debut

The new stores at Rockefeller Center have something for everyone, whether it’s the softest slippers, fresh pasta and warm pastries, or the perfect gift for the guy in your life.

Nov 25 2020


Brand New and On-Brand

Shopping feels more New York than ever, thanks to the RC CAPSULE Program that welcomes unique emerging and expanding brands to Rock Center. Meet RC CAPSULE’s first residents, Steven Alan and Jill Lindsey, who curate their collections with love.

Nov 20 2020

Arts & Culture

Rockefeller Center, Reinvented

You may have noticed that things are looking a little bit different around here. And it’s not just the website; I’m excited to welcome you to the new Rockefeller Center experience.

Nov 10 2020


Rockefeller Center Sings

Lifting voices in harmony from home

Oct 8 2020

Food & Drinks

Queens Night Market 2020

Popular food stands return to the Rock

Oct 7 2020

Arts & Culture

Watch Auctions at Christie's

20th Century Week goes online

Oct 6 2020

Food & Drinks

Now Open: Hombre Taco

A newcomer from Homer Murray

Sep 23 2020

Arts & Culture

Frieze Sculpture at the Rock

Talking with curator Brett Littman

Sep 2 2020

Arts & Culture

New Art This Summer

Ryan Flores at Rockefeller Center

Jun 30 2020


'Love Above All' Auction

Online bidding to benefit LGBTQ youth

Jun 17 2020

Arts & Culture

Art is Alive

A conversation with Vanessa German

Jun 16 2020

Arts & Culture

See the Flag Project

Art is flying high at Rockefeller Center

May 19 2020

Arts & Culture

Rock Center Christmas 2019

The Tree and more holiday happenings

Oct 23 2019

Food & Drinks

A Drink with Dale DeGroff

How the master mixologist made cocktail history at the Rainbow Room

Oct 17 2019


A Corner Deli for Art

Felt food items by Lucy Sparrow

Sep 25 2019


A Designer's Lasting Impact

The work of Marguerita Mergentime

Apr 4 2019


FAO Schwarz Is Open!

Rock Center welcomes the ultimate toy store back to NYC

Nov 16 2018


Q&A with Michio Ihara

Reflections on 'Light and Movement' at Rockefeller Center

Jul 17 2018


Where the Tree Goes Next

Talking with Habitat for Humanity

Jul 11 2018

Arts & Culture

Rockefeller Center Turns 85

The "city within a city" debuted in May 1933

May 16 2018

Arts & Culture

Record-Breaking Rockefellers

Tracking the auction at Christie's

May 10 2018

Arts & Culture

Christie's Behind the Scenes

A look at the Rockefeller collection

May 4 2018

Arts & Culture

Abby Rockefeller's Impact

The woman behind MoMA

Apr 18 2018

Arts & Culture

Rockefeller Treasures

A look at the upcoming David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection at Christie's

Feb 21 2018


Free Skate

It's a beautiful time to hit the Rink

Jan 17 2018

Arts & Culture

The Christmas Angels

How they became a holiday tradition

Dec 7 2017

Arts & Culture

9 Tips for Top of the Rock

What to know before your trip

Nov 20 2017

Arts & Culture

Ice Skating Season

The Rink opens this Saturday

Oct 4 2017

Arts & Culture

Pop the Question in Style

Where to get engaged at Rock Center

Sep 26 2017

Arts & Culture

Italian Heritage at the Rock

Artists and workers who brought the landmark to life

Sep 20 2017

Food & Drinks

Your Key to Bar SixtyFive

Everything to know before you go

Jun 21 2017

Arts & Culture

See the 'Seated Ballerina'

Rock Center's new installation by Jeff Koons

May 16 2017

Arts & Culture

How to Get Tix to NBC Shows

Your handy guide to live tapings at 30 Rock.

Mar 23 2017

Arts & Culture

David Rockefeller, 1915-2017

A legacy in philanthropy, business and international relations

Mar 20 2017

Arts & Culture

The Builders of NYC

Immigrants from Ireland and elsewhere made the sky the limit.

Mar 16 2017

Arts & Culture

The Builders of NYC

Immigrants from Ireland and elsewhere made the sky the limit

Mar 16 2017

Arts & Culture

A Rock Center Innovator

Engineer and inventor David Nelson Crosthwait Jr.

Feb 22 2017

Arts & Culture

News on the Wire

Isamu Noguchi's electric vision of the press

Jan 24 2017

Arts & Culture

When Hurley's Was Hopping

The corner pub that made its mark

Jan 10 2017

Arts & Culture

The Art of Radio City

Take a tour of the Art Deco jewel

Dec 14 2016

Arts & Culture

The Rink Turns 80

A look back at ice skating history

Nov 28 2016

Arts & Culture

The Way to 'World Peace'

Lee Lawrie's message in a triptych

Nov 22 2016

Arts & Culture

Great Women of Rock Center

16 leaders, groundbreakers & artists to know

Nov 10 2016

Food & Drinks

Brunch at the Rainbow Room

A luxurious Sunday above the city

May 18 2016

Arts & Culture

St. Patrick's Revived

Talking with the architect behind the cathedral's restoration

Mar 16 2016

Arts & Culture

The Story of Gaston Lachaise

A significant sculptor

Dec 8 2015

Arts & Culture

The Tree Through the Years

Holiday highlights since 1931

Nov 18 2015

Arts & Culture

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and the Connection to the Rockefellers

Learn how the Rockefellers, both directly and indirectly, helped fuel the careers and the legacies of two major figures in 20th-century art, Frida Kahlo and Diego River.

Jul 16 2015

Arts & Culture

Art History: The Story Behind the “American Progress” Mural at Rockefeller Center

Who is Jose Maria Sert?

May 5 2015

Arts & Culture

Insider Tips for Visiting Top of the Rock

What you need to know

Mar 25 2015

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