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New Year, New Connections

By The Center Magazine StaffJan 6 2021
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Home is a place of renewal. A place to re-energize and recharge. And after a year like 2020, we need that more than ever. For months we’ve walked the same hallways, rested in the same spaces, and cooked in the same kitchens, so the opportunity to shake things up and start fresh in the new year has never been more appealing.

But where do we even start? What do we tackle first? Jill Lindsey—having built her life, her namesake brand, and her stores in Brooklyn and at Rockefeller Center’s RC CAPSULE around a curation of local makers, community events, and wellness experiences—found herself at home in 2020, like so many of us. For her, the journey to a stunning home refresh begins with a simple realization: feeling connected to your spaces—to the furniture, the rug, the lighting, and everything else—leads to a more peaceful, nourishing experience. And while challenging, this increased time at home presented an opportunity—to turn that energy and drive inward and manifest her passions within her living space.

In doing so, she hasn’t just refreshed her home—she’s transformed her relationship to it, shifting it from a place she used for sleep to a blissful retreat where she can reflect and recharge. Here are some takeaways from our conversation with Lindsey:

Change one thing. We all have pieces in our homes that are not quite right. Lighting that’s too bright, rugs that are ever-so-slightly the wrong color. If we start with changing just one of these pieces, we get closer to realizing our larger vision for the space, and can build something wonderful.

Connect to what’s around you. Things aren’t just things. Each “thing” in your space is an embodiment of your style, your mood, your passion, and your purpose. If you love something, it has a place in your home. It may just take a few tries and a little rearranging to find it. But if something’s just “there,” it’s taking up space and, potentially, getting in the way of the home—and the experience of home—that you deserve.

Do what makes you feel good. Though it may seem like a strange question, ask yourself, What do I need from my home? Inspiration? Relaxation? Energy? Tranquility? All of the above? So many of us think about our homes for their basic functions that we forget that home can and should be curated into an experience.

Focus on spaces you love. Reimagining an entire home can be taxing. So use your energy where it matters most. For Lindsey, it was her bedroom. And by working with a spiritual healer (and indulging in a bit of retail therapy), Lindsey was able to create a new peace for herself, more fully attuned to her needs.

Home is how you see it. Sometimes, the only thing that needs to change at home is your mindset. Before Covid-19, Lindsey rarely had the time for baths. But now that she does, she indulges often, lighting a few candles, infusing Jill Lindsey bath salts, and soaking in silence for 20 minutes. And doing so hasn’t just relaxed her—it’s given her a new perspective on what’s possible at home, even in a city as fast-paced and loud as New York.

In truth, there’s no wrong way to refresh your space, as long as you’re doing it with your needs in mind. Regardless of aesthetics or furniture styles, of square footage or budget, if you’re true to yourself and intentional in your efforts, your home can easily evolve into everything you need it to be. Just pick a room, identify your purpose, and build beautiful, living connections.

Visit Jill Lindsey at 70 West 50th Street in Rockefeller Center.

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