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What to Give the New Yorker in Your Life, According to Jenna Lyons

By Noah SilversteinDec 6 2022
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‘Tis the season for holiday shopping—and being completely stumped on what to gift anyone (perhaps even for yourself). Most are easier cases, but when it comes to the especially particular New Yorkers in your life, a cursory online search won’t cut it.

That’s why we enlisted fashion executive, New Yorker, and arbiter of exquisite taste Jenna Lyons to help guide your retail journey this holiday. Her first rule for shopping for city dwellers? Think outside the box. “Since New Yorkers have access to everything, finding something unique, one-of-a-kind, or bespoke adds an extra special touch,” says Lyons.

To go the extra yuletide mile, Lyons assembled her ultimate gift guide of New Yorker-approved treasures found in the shops at Rockefeller Center. Read on to score your perfect gifts—and don’t forget to check out the full Rockefeller Center 2022 Holiday Gift Guide here.

For the environmentally conscious New Yorker

Tasseled Blanket from AnotherTomorrow

This goes out to the vocal advocates making our planet a cleaner, less polluted one — but who still love high-end touches. Made from recycled cashmere, this blanket benefits the environment while still feeling luxurious.

For the New Yorker who craves coziness

Santal Rock Rose Candle from Apotheke

We all know those people who make their apartments extra cozy so they never have to leave. This 3-wick candle featuring notes of sandalwood and earthy rose smells so delicious you’ll want to stay ensconced in the scent all day, every day.

For the New Yorker who prefers luxury everything

Quebo Zip-Pouch Slippers from Armando Cabral

Anyone who craves the finer things in life, even down to the most minute detail, need look no further. “I love a luxury anything: cashmere socks, a scented candle, handmade slippers, a bespoke sweater — the things we all love but often reserve splurging on,” says Lyons. Speaking of slippers, these ultra-lavish deerskin slippers are perfect for making walking around your home feel like a runway show. Plus, it comes with its own chic traveling case.

For the on-the-move New Yorker

Le Tote Bag from Bembien

Sure, most New Yorkers are always heading somewhere, rushing to a meeting or making a deadline. So whether you’re running errands, going to a farmer’s market, or heading to a weekend out of town, this incredibly chic tote carries it all.

For the non-traditional glam New Yorker

Blackened “X” Ring by Eva Fehren

This graphic ring is the perfect choice for anyone who loves bucking convention while still maintaining classic touches—plus, it’s from a smaller independent brand. “Supporting smaller and up-and-coming brands is always on my radar. Most importantly, I look for gifts I would like to receive myself,” says Lyons. Anyone buying a gift for a major fashion icon, take note!

For the New Yorker who’s never actually in New York

The Take Out Tote by Kule

Those who call New York their home base, but spend most of their time traveling for work—or fulfilling their wanderlust—can instantly transport back to the city with this large bag featuring classic take-out graphics.

For the just-moved-here New Yorker

The “I Heart New York” Sweater from Lingua Franca

This sweater, made from 100% cashmere and embroidered by hand in New York, takes a kitsch classic and classes it up for those who want to show their New York pride in a chic way.

For the old-school New Yorker

An album from Rough Trade

The vinyl comeback means new generations get to experience the magic and authenticity of listening to music on a record player. The experience of visiting this Brooklyn vintage record shop transported to midtown Manhattan is worth as much, if not more, than the actual records. “[In-store shopping] allows a shopper to feel inspired and discover something new they might not have known they were looking for,” says Lyons. Make this gift a two-for-one by taking your loved one to the shop to pick out a vinyl, then enjoy it together at home.

For the ultra-chic New Yorker

Reversible Shearling Overcoat from Todd Snyder

This luxe coat that reverses between sumptuous shearling and deep chocolate calfskin is the only coat you need to make it through a New York winter.

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