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Newsstand Studios is Rockefeller Center’s recording studio. It’s a state-of-the-art facility with state-of-the-art equipment, carrying on the broadcast tradition of 30 Rock from the original days of radio. Newsstand Studios is also available for you to tap into the one-of-a-kind energy you’ll find here to create your own “must hear” content.

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Newsstand Studios is available to interested brands and partners, letting you produce unique and compelling content inspired by the vibrant, ever-changing atmosphere of Rockefeller Center.

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Our podcast professionals make your experience at Newsstand Studios enjoyable and rewarding. Their expertise means the content you produce will always be an enjoyable listen.

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Our podcasts cover a variety of interesting topics. They're a reflection of the amazing people and culture you'll find in this 'city within a city.'

Society & Culture

Sunday's at Cafe Tabac

Featuring Wanda Acosta, and Karen Song
Queer oral history and personal coming out stories recounted by members of the LGBTQIA community who are featured in the upcoming documentary film Sundays at Cafe Tabac. It tells the story of an unforgettable weekly salon for women through which a new voice, visibility and power erupted. What emerges is a formidable story of what happens when a community comes together in unity, and how that fuels a concurrent movement in the expansion and expression of individuality.
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Society & Culture

The Refined Collective Podcast

Featuring Kat Harris
The Refined Collective Podcast is hosted by Kat Harris. Her vision is to create a safe space for women and men to take off the super-man cape of having it all together, and share their stories authentically and honestly.
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Working Wife, Happy Life!

Featuring Bethanie Baynes
Delivering compelling conversations about societal gender norms surrounding success, money and household roles. Focusing on a range of topics such as women in the workplace, gender roles within and outside the home, entrepreneurship, parenting, money, career, women's healthcare, wellness and more!
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Let's get started.
We're excited to tell you more about Newsstand Studios and about how to partner with us to create your own content.
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New York, NY 10112

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